How much power?


Over the years, we've heard a lot of claims, and we've listened to many over-hyped products, claiming "the beauty of the first watt". Indeed, performance in the first watt is very important, but it's quite frustrating when an amp runs out of steam just as the fun begins. So, what if that divine 'first watt' beauty could be extended to ... a kilowatt, or more?

How much power is needed is a tough question, whose answer depends on factors like room size, system efficiency, personal preference, mood, occasion, etc. Many of the finest loudspeakers today are "power hungry", i.e. not very efficient in transforming electricity into sound. They achieve a realistic playback level only when driven with high peak power. Furthermore, high quality recordings contain peaks as high as +20dB or more above the average level of a performance. In terms of power, +20dB means 100 times more power.

Waveform of a typical rock performance and its statistics. Average power is -12dB referenced to the peak level, corresponding to a power ratio of 1:16. A typical classical track. Peak to average ratio is 23dB, corresponding to a power ratio of 1:200!

Our amps are designed to give you the freedom of choice - to enjoy your music at any level. They have the ability to play gently in a late-night listening session, or to shake the house foundations on a mad party. They can be safely driven to the limit, even over-driven, retaining perfect control and resolution at any power level.